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on Jul 15, 13

This History Of Ivo Cutlery International

IVO Cutlery is a family business, founded in 1954 in Santa Catarina, Caldas Da Rainha, Portugal by businessman João Ivo and his wife Maria das Dores who at the time were fascinated by the world of cutlery. Their ambition and determination paved the way for their new business. They decided to create a small “factory” which consisted of three employees. The first products they manufactured were knives and pocket knives, which were sold throughout the country by Mr. Joao Ivo himself. 

Later in the 70’s, with the addition of two children into the business, the vision of the company exceeded the national market, and started the international expansion of the company.


João Ivo Peralta and his brother Antonio Ivo Peralta initiated the sale of pocket knives in markets and churches, traveling by bicycle to Torres Vedras, Caldas da Rainha, Lourinhã, Alcobaça, Nazaré, and other places in Portugal.


João Ivo Peralta creates a store with Antonio Ivo Peralta for the marketing of knives.


The foundation of the company João Ivo Peralta & Filhos, Lda by João Ivo Peralta with his wife Maria das Dores Cabrita. They constructed the family business out of his home with three employees.


Changing Facilities - Establishment of the Factory in Santa Catarina - Caldas da Rainha


First Exports to Morocco


Expansion of manufacturing facilities


Restructuring of business strategy, appears in the IVO Cutelarias, Lda., with their children,  Vivina Peralta and Antonio Peralta.


Acquisition of new facilities for production of Pocket Knives


Fernando Peralta, nephew of Joao Ivo expands into the North American market by creating IVO Cutlery International Inc. and opening an office and distribution warehouse in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


IVO Cutlery has become a well recognized and respected company bringing high quality knives to chefs, domesic and professional all over North America.