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LIFEtime Guarantee

IVO Cutlery guarantees your 100% satisfaction for the LIFE of your IVO product(s).

What this means to you:

Every IVO product is conditionally guaranteed - for LIFE.   We Guarantee a LIFEtime of PERFORMANCE

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the performance of your IVO product due to manufacturing defects, we will fix the problem or replace the item.

We Guarantee a LIFEtime of SHARPNESS

IVO Knives are designed and crafted to remain sharp for many years, but after extended use they may require factory re-sharpening.


Should your IVO knives become damaged from normal culinary use, we will replace the knife for half of the current retail price plus shipping and handling. Just pick your kitchen knife or knives from our website. We require an image of the knife for proof of the damage. IF we detect that there was misuse and abuse we have the right to refuse replacement.